Saturday, September 24, 2016

Turned 40 - Think 40

As an IBMer, 'Think 40'  is term each one of us really endear.  Today as I turned 40, I also thought it is the time to recollect and 'think 40' in life.   

40 people who touched my life...40 things I cherished....40 places I visited,   40 days I enjoyed...40 days I was sad and so,   40 poems that touched my heart,  40 books that I loved to read...40 movies that enjoyed..40 places I visited.....40 prayers!  40 Blessings!  40 ..40..40....The list goes on!

40 most cherished happenings in my life ....

1.  My Family -  Amma, Daddy, Bobby, Jailu, Raghu, Aishu,  CGK,  Vimal, Ajay and Akshat.   My world is concrete and closeknit.

2.  My Mentor-   Krishnan Vadivel...the man who sculptured my confidence and life for the path that is treading.. Had it not been for him in life, I would have been a failure.

3.  My Best Friends -   Mentioning few is impossible and would be disrespectful to others.   I cherish each one of them who made it into my life.   Each one touched me in their own way and I am with great pride in having them in life

4.  My Schools  -  St.Thereasa's Eluru...that gave birth to my knowledge...SCIMA - that made me understand the competition of the academic world.    To me  learning is fun...from St.Thereasas, SCIMA days to Vaishnava College, IWCA -SIRC,  IGNOU, PMI  to now learning had been an enriching experience.   

5.  My Passion -  my poetry.  

It is absolute meaningless scribbling to the world.  but to me it reflected my its entirety and originality ...written for everything and anything that touched my life.

6.  My mantra in life

'Neither prejudiced by the Past, not living in the fear of the future,  Live, Live the moment!'

7.  My Most peaceful destination

In India, it is Rishikesh.   In Abroad,  Forest Lawns, Glendale.  Both these places have a strange and soul stirring calmness and giving us the peace and wisdom of life

8.  My  Career
I don't work just for money.  To me enjoying the work is the way to happiness ...I had an amazing opportunities to work with great people and in great companies...Starting with Aptech-Asset, Dishnet DSL,  Manmar Technologies,  DSL Software,  ABN AMRO,  HP and now IBM.    What an amazing experience it is !

9.  My Best Travel Euphoria 

Visiting Niagara Falls on the eve of my daughter's 10th birthday.

10.  My Moment of gratitude

The day I touched the piece of land of my own first house...Tears swelled in happiness and absolute pride.

11.  My Most cherished Movie

'Mouna Ragam' in Tamil,  Sirivennela in Telugu and 'The Pursuit of Happiness' in English and DDLJ in Hindi.

12.  My Motto of life

Borrowed from my Alma Mater ' Love and Service'.

13.  My 'silence' seekers

Talking to myself about my dreams in my me, it helps.. it is my way of understanding within

14. My most guilt moment
With my mother in law.   God will forgive me one day for this pain

15.  My most prideful moment

Receiving EWIT excellence award in Music Academy in 2008

16.  My favourite food

Ofcourse, Biryani.   And my mom's homemade kesari

17.  My best shot 
Gin and tonic with my best friends Sudha, Aravind and Micheal

18.  My most hillarious moments
With Manasi and Uday...always

19.   My most inspiring personality
There are many people, but can surely name a few like Maria, Ramesh Raja,  Amitava Ghosh and Shankar Narayanan in career,   Siddharth and Sarada Ramani.    My elder brother in law Krishnan Uday in family and my mother - with their strong determination and focus

20.  What relaxes me?
What else can it be than MS Amma songs in the morning 

21.  My favourite colour?
Blue , Red and White.     

22.  My favorite car?
Ofcourse I loved my Alto, the first car I brought in life and our I10 that my baby is now zooming me around.   I always dream and love to buy a Honda City  ,  again with no loans..will wait for that day

23.  My favorite vacation?
Trip to Taj Mahal and North India with family

24.  My faith?
100 %  secular.   Born Hindu, Educated in a Christian Missionary School and amazing falling in love with Muslim food.  

25.  My unique experience?
Lighting  the pyre fire of my father at the age of 15.  Taking a step away from the orthodox and religious constraints

26.  My most dreadful memory?
The fire accident in 2004 in my bedroom (rather call it a conspiracy)  where few seconds mattered between life and death with my 6 year old daughter.

27.  My most patient /perseverance moment?
Holding my husband as he disclosed about his illness during our first night.   We learnt to deal with adversities from that day together and convert them to opportunities.   Even today, I wonder where did I get that strength to manage that odd experience

28.   My most happiest moment in life?

The morning of May 13, when my mom gave me my pink bundle of joy in my hands....I cried in happiness 

29.  My most admiring moment in life?

Early hours of Jan 11, when I went into the OT and touched my little micky mouse Ajay and the way he reacted to the first human touch just few minutes out of the secured walls of his mother's womb.

30.  My most favorite moment of the recent times?

being called 'old amma' by Akshat as I couldnt take him calling me aunty...being his pedamma....sometimes I am really crazy

31.  My finest moment in literacy aspects?

Meeting Salman Rushdie in Los Angeles.   I was awestuck with the talent and confidence this man exhibits and inspires being strong in his belief and freedom of speech/ expression.  And also meeting Reza Aslan

32.  My saddest decision?
To abort my second child, for several reasons.  Having had to manage a sick and unemployed husband,  toddler, full time work, pressures of joint family, struggle to make both ends meet,  necessity to do higher studies.   It was a costliest decision that haunted me for several years on every Valentine day.  Today, I guess I overcame and no more 'Adithya' my unborn son is a nightmare to me.   I have laid him to rest and so does this decision.  

33. My wise decision ?  

It is very easy to quit in life and go.  But to stand and face the turbulence and sail against the wind is an amazing experience.  Today, after around 20 years, I strongly feel that my decision at the age of 20 to do everything possible to let my marriage survive is the wisest decision of all.   Honestly, taking the decision was easy but to make it work, needed everything of you to be put into every day life.   Today, we are not only the happiest couple but we are aging gracefully together and inspiring others around

34.  My books!

'Never Say Quit',  ' The Way you take it!'  and Kranthi novels.  co-authoring 'After the floods',  Love stories from Chennai as part of CBC...and this year, taking up the responsibility to co-author 'Siddharth's  autobiography.....

35.  My favourite line 

It is from none other than Kannadasan ...'Ethai kondu vandom, ethai kondu sella....'  

36.  My most 'show biz' moment!

Acting as 'Alamelu' Mami in 'Tenali Raghavan'  , tamil drama curated by Shristi dramas.    I loved myself !

37. My dream come true saga...

To be a lawyer in life.  It was my childhood dream...if not now, when kind of attitude and my passion for the subject is making me go for it....I will give my best being an advocate .

38.  My memorable experiences in media.

At the age of 14, annoucing the medical tips for pilgrims in Goshpata ghat in Rajamundry during Godavari pushkarams,   being a semi-finalist  in Chennai super mom's contest ,  winning chellamey chellam kids show with aishu in Jaya TV,  participating in 2 shows of Neeya Naana with Raghu,   Interview to Hindu after winning the Ewit award with Sudha Sastri  and many other few incidents

39.   Most remarkable achievement in 40 years of  my life

People!    -  My Family & Friends...especially my sisters and precious childhood

40.   My last wish would be to

go by my friend Cheran's golden words...' don't fret for what happened,  just think what next and keep moving'.....let the end come naturally, don't plan for it making life today miserable

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Getting over being 39 iiiiissssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Starting September 2016,  I would be closed being called as in late 30's....winding up the glorious 39isssshhhhh and stepping into the 40 Club.    

Not many would believe that I am turning 40 just this year. Yes.  My experiences made me look aged than what actually I am.   I don't shy away from those facts of life, that stirred me like a lemon in a drink in hand during a promenade,  squeezed me like a  sugar cane till the last drop of syrup from my pulp and those moments that built my jigsaw puzzles of life and those tears that shyly mingled with the romantic smiles that life threw at me...along with its beauty and evilness.

Honestly, I achieved nothing.  I have a whole big life ahead of me.  What I did so far will reflect in the years that going to come by.   I haven't taken care of my physical  may resound loud and nosily in the coming years.   Mental wellness was often hindered by the stress,  the welcoming willingness of multi tasking and trying to do as if I am a Maa Kali..with multiple hands and heads to manage so many things at a time.   Often forgetting the fact that one thing at a time is worth a dime.      Spiritual enlightenment had its moments of vacuum where I had nothing to think, or waves of wisdom overflowing like a turbulent Tsunami...killing me in silence and storms overtaking each other.  Hope the 40 club wisdom gives me enough strength to handle this ups and downs....don't call me bipolar.  It is just the way I am made.  Naturally unnatural!
Loved traveling so much and enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life and going to places I have not been before.  I made friends and also foes as well, if not in equal numbers.   I don't regret having trusted people blindly or having hated few equally.   The acceptance of mistakes bring you a peace within.   It is not for anyone else...but to your own self!

I am so blessed with family who stood by me all the years of tragedy, trauma,  bad health, struggles and dire poverty as well...equally they enjoyed my successes, happy moments, achievements and wonderful memories.   I was also equally blessed with people who are not such a great blessing in this life but unfortunately called 'close' relations...I am better off being away from those who disturb my peace.  I don't mind making absolute strangers who turned wonderful friends and abundant well-wishers as part of my life, my family and my future.

Today I have wonderful  mentors who are shaping me up more than I can imagine.   Keeping me level headed, understanding my strengths and weaknesses and above all, keeping up the right focus and right thoughts to stay strong, stay wild with aspirations and not sleeping over my dreams.    If God would bless me with few more years in this life, it would certainly be to continue the giving back which we started in life.    

I have not asked God to give me what I have today and will not regret what ever he takes back.   For I came into this world with nothing..and going to go back empty handed.    What probably I would like to make the best of this journey is few good memories and leave few foot prints where at-least a few would want to walk on.....

'Ethai kondu vandthom, ethai kondu selllaaaaa.....'

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Movie Review : Dharma Durai (2016 Film) - Absolute delight of the beauty of rural India. Must watch film :-)

When there is no hype in advertisement, you don't really expect a houseful of audience for a normal movie that too for a noon show on a 10th day of its release.  But this assumption proved wrong for 'Dharma Durai'.   Before I proceed with my analysis, I loved few comments from my husband who hardly expresses his opinions.   As we came out of the theater, he said that he is very happy that we saw a very beautiful movie after long time.   He also said that he want to see the same in big screen once again.   This reaction from audience is what makes a movie successful. 

Dharma Durai is a simple story with a gripping story line and amazing characters who portrayed the emotions with ease.  The beauty of this film is that a dusky hero carries it wholly with the story line with strong acting skills.  Another amazing beauty is that the female roles did fabulous job.  It is quite heartening to see women getting equal attention and screen space these days in Tamil movies instead of being used only as 'just there for songs and dances'...these women portray substance and go deep into their characters.

Radhika Sarathkumar is a classic example of how a veteran actor can transition herself into any character given to her.  She does it with charm, depth and absolute delight to watch her.  She reminded me of Manorama amma in few scenes.   As a mother in the movie, she does a brilliant balance to the character.   Those who have been seeing her since ages and off late on small screen would love to see the best of her acting in Dharma Durai once again.   

Vijay Sethupathi needs no mention.  He is not only the hero of the story but also the way he takes it with ease and perfection.  Simple looks, strong emotions, beautiful dialogue delivery,  very right body language conveys that we have an excellent actor here to stay in the Tamil movie industry.   Keep going Vijay....we audience love to watch you again and again.

Tamanah often criticized being non-expressive, does a delightful acting in this movie.  She shows a great maturity in her role, got a wonderful style and carries herself with poise and beauty.  The scenes where she zooms across the village roads on her bike makes us want to see the picturesque again and again.   She brings life to the screen even in the serious of situations in the movie.

Aishwarya Rajesh once again proves that she is a perfect actress in making.  As Anbuselvi, you will fall in love with her acting and character in the movie.  She does it with such an ease that you can be sure that she has a long way to go in Tamil Cinema.   Probably she will take on other roles than being down to earth village type of roles where she already proved her acting in the highest order.  There is a mesmerizing beauty in her eyes and a charm which glows along with her acting.  

Srusti Dange does a decent job as a college student falling in love, believing in her friend to come home to discuss on marriage with her father and with a smile that is so broad and contending.  Way to go girl.

Every other character, including the brothers, sister and sister in law of Dharma,  Anbu selvi's father,  Profession Dr Kamaraj  (done by Rajesh)  and friend Gopal (Ganja Karupu )  give their best acting.  Rajesh's calm demeanour reminds us of his wonderful movie 'Andha Elzu Natkal'... Madhuvanthi Arun as the police officer also fits in for the role.  The little girl who acted as Dharma's niece also makes you love in fall with her character.

The BGM by Yuvan Shankar Raja is very lovely and the songs are so soothing with the village backdrop and the greenery that makes you fall in love with your country side again and again. M.Sukumar as Cinematographer gives us the best scenes reminding us of KB Sir's movie.  Variamuthu lyrics especially in Andipati song is very good.  Wonderful movie from Director Seenu Ramaswamy and this combination with Vijay Sethupathi worked once again and the product is a beautiful movie to the audience

I haven't gone into the story plot as there is a detailed description in wikipedia already on the same.

My Rating would be :  4/5

Three Cheers to:

1.  Gripping story line and ease of characters
2.   Beautiful pictuarization
3.   Vijay Sethupathi and lovely social messages on need for medical support in rural villages,  stop dowry and abortions,

What could have been done better

1.  Editing
2.  Lip synchronization of dialogues in few places
3.  Could have not shown too much of alcoholism on the screen

Bottonline:   Please watch this movie in the big screen and enjoy the movie 

#DharmaDurai   #Moviereview   #2016TamilCinema

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Round Table Discussion on: “The Recent Amendment of Maternity Act – Benefits and Challenges”

Round Table Discussion on:

The Recent Amendment of Maternity Act – Benefits and Challenges”

5pm to 7pm, on Tuesday, 30th August 2016, Chennai

Organised by Empowering Women in IT (eWIT)
Seminar Hall,
Computer Society of India
CIT Campus, 4th Cross Road, Taramani, Chennai - 600 113
(Situated in the opposite lane to Indira Nagar MRTS Railway Station,
about 100 meters away from Dr Dharmambal Government Women’s Polytechnic (WPT)
& Opposite to Film Institute & Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology)


The union government is set to increase the maternity leave for women employed in private firms from the existing 12 weeks to 26 weeks.. Following the Cabinet approving the amendment made to the Maternity Benefit Act, which aims to raise maternity leave for women from 12 to 26 weeks, the Rajya Sabha has passed the amendment on Thursday.

Come and listen from experts!
5:00pm – 5:30pm – Tea & Networking

5:30pm – 5:50pm – Welcome & Introduction

5:40pm – 6:40pm – Discussion

6:40pm – 6:50pm – Q&A

6:50pm – 7:00pm – Summation

We request you to take advantage of this workshop by attending and/or nominating officials from your organization for this program.  You are requested to kindly confirm your participation and the nomination(s) from your organization through email to  Pre Registration is a must.
*It is a Free session for eWIT members and partner organizations. 
*Registration fee of Rs.500/- will be charged for non-members. Non-member women can also become individual member by paying Rs.500/- (annual membership fee) to attend the sesson.
For any queries, please contact Tel: 044 – 42120706.
Registrations would be on a ‘first come first served’ basis hence we request you to send in your registration at the earliest.  
We look forward to your confirmation. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Moment of Marriage...Shyness Unfurled! #TinyTales

Experimenting with the creation of tiny tales.....the first one talks about 'First meeting of the Bride and the Bridgegroom'-  Pellichoopulu.

Tiny Tale2 - talks about a boyish woman entering into a marriage and unfolding the feminine character of shyness as she experiences the first touch of her man after marriage.

@Written by Umasree Raghunath

@Written by Umasree Raghunath

Monday, August 8, 2016

Review: Stage Creations drama : Neeya Naana by Kathadi Ramamurthy and S L Naanu & team

Chennai beautifully presents in its fold, a variety of talents and entertainment to its people.  As long as you know how you can keep yourself enjoying taking the best of both worlds…the traditional, conservative and cultural flavor or the modern, contemporary and fashionable fiesta.    In this pursuit of happiness, we love watching theatre and encouraging the art and talent.  We strongly believe that the stage is the lap of Goddess Sarawathi, Mother of Knowledge.  
We were very happy to watch Stage Creations recent play,  Neeya Naana, story written and scripted by S L Naanu.   We were happy to see the hall filled with rasikas at Tag Dakshinamurthy hall on 7 Aug 2016, Sunday.   The day coincided with the inaugural event of Stage Creations 50th Anniversary celebrations and unveiling of the logo and the website by none other than another veteran Crazy Mohan sir.  

The play by the group of theatre Jambavan (Veteran Artist) Sri Kathadi Ramamurthy Sir.   Neeya Naana had a touching theme that dominates the social fabric of today …especially touching the ordinary middle class families and the live wires of joint family system with on and off the same today.   The play takes you through ordinary regular day to day circumstances, and tickles you with simple charms of a family that is dominated by insecurities, anxieties and disappointment on expectations.   Humour takes it realm without even trying to work hard and we can see the roars of laughter and claps from the happy audience.  

The ease with which the cast has performed shows the efforts that went into the recital sessions.  It is not easy to do a family comedy genre and its success is highly attributed to the fact that Ramamurty sir plays with his ease and glory even at this age of 80 years.   The play has a strong family story line and the much deeper comedy sense makes it successful.  

The story starts with the marriage of Sivaraman’s second son’s wedding and post which he keeps insisting that his son and daughter-in-law to go and live separately fearing the separation at the later stage in life.  Given the experience with his eldest son Vignesh and daughter in law and the way they were pulled to court for the property creates a havoc in the mind of the elder Sivaraman.   The story goes around how the new daughter-in-law proves not only to be smart, but also very caring and understanding and fills in the vacuum in their lives.  The bet between them for an year and how the things unfold during this period is rest of the story.  

The play is directed and written by S L Naanu.   Produced by Bobby and Jhonny, who are physically no more in this world, but glad they remain ever alive in the stage as they get their placeholder in the cast and crew list of the drama.  Kudos to the team for this sense of gratitude and humility.

Probably one of the best comedy plays this year and undoubtedly will fetch few awards for their cast.   The comedic timing about Kathadi sir shows his experience with ease.  Lavanya Venugopal and Geetha as daughter in law and wife of Sivaraman did an amazing job.  I am only proud that Lavanya happens to be my friend in Inner Wheel as well.   SBI Murali as Dr Mani and Srinivasan as Google Search Giri and Naanu himself as Madhu did a fabulous job.  

Being in the theater arena, the sets by Saidai kumar comes as no surprise.  Simple and elegant and make up of artists are also to the point.   Lights, music and back stage coordination were at its best.   Subbu’s music added a beautiful flavor to the comedy nature of the play and kept it as required without being too jarring or inconsistent.  

The jokes especially when Sivaraman completes his cataract surgery makes you laugh out loud.  The moments where Google search gets into play are really funny.  Overall it was a friendship day treat.    It was worth the 2 hours spent to watch and real stress buster.  Anyone who enjoys theater and especially comedy and wanting a 100% entertainment should go to watch this play on stage.

I would give this show 4/5 rating …Truly entertaining.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

An Ode to my true love!

If the end of ecstasy is pain,
why do I need it?
If the end of awesome togetherness 
is going afar, 
why that togetherness?
If there is pain, 
at the end of happiness,
which is immense,
there is no need of such happiness!
When I don't have you when I need,
there is no need of me for you true!
so much of thoughts!
so many issues!
so many priorities!!
so many pressures!!!
so many people!!!!
But.....It's one YOU who matters!

An ode to my true love!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Book Review: 'A Sip of Love and A Sip of Coffee' by Ganga Bharani Vasudevan

I was there at the book launch of Ganga Bharani's ' A sip of Love and A Sip of Coffee' and also grabbed a copy of the author signed book.   However, several other priorities did not give a chance to read this book till this week. 

I know this book focuses on the puppy love.  The teenage urge for attention, the phone calls, the exam tension, group studies, cycling to school, the craving for marks and the academic results and the regular parental care and pressures.  This book covered it all.   

It takes you through a simple realistic story of Avanthika (Ave) and Gautham, how they fall in love, in-fact a first crush for her, an infatuation and longing for the first kiss, makes you laugh at times remembering the puppy love that you would have come across in life.   The intermediary conversations with the author and the characters of the book is refreshing and a good attempt by Ganga.  I am sure she succeeded in the portrayal of the characters.   

For a not so young reader like me, I felt the story was bit more circling around the fever of exams for longer than it wanted.  The  concept of 'best friend forever' between a boy and a girl portrayed with the character of 'Srinivas' in Ave's life made it realistic.   

As the turn of events, and as the story moves from the school stage, to college and professional lives of the protagonist Avantika and her first love Gautham, the script moves on at a faster pace.   It quickly takes you through the sudden changes and shift in their thinking and thorough understanding of love and relationships.  

The final chapter shows you that real love is not in always ending up with marriage, but in understanding to the extent where you can actually give it up, for the benefit of the people involved in it.  Being practical and actually understanding the essence of wanting a relationship or letting it go.  

This story ends with a twist that is welcoming.   Not every first love ends up in life long companionship, but the warmth, the aura of puppy love, the feeling of first crush, the sweet nothing conversations and the attention seeking watching over each other, the phone calls and pretending with parents, the kisses that fly across the telephone lines, reminds of a teenage that is normal and charismatic.   

Accepting of reality and understanding of love in its purest form makes this book readable.   Kudos to the attempt of Ganga Bharani.   I am sure the younger people will love this book alot and we middle age folks will smile with happiness remembering our teenage and its own tantrums....Ofcourse it does remind you of the first love :-)

Bottonline :  Please grab your copy and enjoy the book with a cup of hot coffee...if possible made by your spouse with love!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

My Two Cents for Kabali - Why this movie is different and classic of Rajnikanth - A Review on 'Kabali' da!

maya nadhi indru maarbil vazhiyudhe
thuya naraiyilum kaadhal malaruthe

Best shot of Kabali
Keeping aside the fact that I am a die-hard fan of Rajinikanth like millions of people in Tamil Nadu and world all over,  I have my insights into the movie that had mixed reviews from the public.  

 Few beautiful things that make this film, a classic and absolutely different including the concepts of love, betrayal, hero worship, gangs and drugs, prostitution and school drop-outs, and above all, first time Rajnikanth acting of his age.   A elderly man who takes with him, both the pride of being a revolutionary of his times and wanting to take this to the future,  holding on an in-depth pain of a man madly in love for his wife and losing her.     The movie like any other does have its own misses and lengthy scenes, however, those can be overlooked, when you look deep into this movie's beauty of love. 

This movie also gives equal opportunity to every small artist who is part of this team work.  From the school drop out Tiger to the hero worshiping Jeeva, to the rebel Kumaran , to the Free Life Foundation Fathima and Meena,  to the normally dressed Jeeva's mother and Kumaran's mother,  every artist gets an equal screen-space.  Instead of a son, it is the daughter who is shown as a strong willed gangster who turns out to be Kabali's own daughter.   Yogi does an amazing job.  The conscious effort to show the feminine character of Yogi, despite her boyish appearance and fights in the scenes where she takes her foster father Velu to the washroom,  where she slips the coffee cup at the ring of the bell, and the tears that she sheds when she sees her mother for the first time.  You should really watch this movie with no first week whistle sounds in the theater, and cherish each expression that has been beautifully expressed by the artists.   They did an amazing job.  

Beautiful Portrayal of Yogi
The antagonists did no less.    Right from Tony Lee, Vaseekaran and his gang, every one did a decent job.   Somehow, I really missed 'Raghuvaran' being alive to having donned the role of the key antogonist in this movie...he would have been the BEST fit.   Probably, the makers could have also thought about Prakash Raj to be partnering with Tony Lee...the presence of the strong villain would any day make Rajini's movies long living.   

Few scenes, that I felt like watching again and again.   The happy Kabali after meeting Tamilarasan, keeping on talking about it to Kumudhavalli and the kind of full face smiles on their faces,   the silent hallucinations of Kabali in search of his wife,  as he goes near the river side bench and sitting and the way Kumudha keeps on asking ' na enga irukeynu vunaku teriyada...evalovv neram unakaga kathirkaradhu....and the way her ear rings moves as she talks....its a moment to cherish.   

Lovely expressions from Radhika and Rajini
The beautiful scene where he stands and watches from the french window, and thinks about what his wife will be doing, thinking and will react when he meets her the next day,  the expression in his eyes shows what an absolute actor Rajinikanth can be.   The way he says to Yogi...'po da,,nee poi thungu...nee poooo' shows his age and maturity as a father.    He had played the role of father before, but this particular movie, shows the vulnerability and emotionally drained father.   The way he holds Velu when he murmurs that he has a daughter, shows the desperate search of an aged man for his long lost family.    

Under the coat of the gangster, lies a heart full of love.   The way he looks at Kumudha when she does the bed, and he keeps on disturbing it, the way he watches her with a glitter in his eyes, and during the party, when a french couple keep kissing, the way he looks at his wife and smiles,  shows a true love beyond ordinary expressions,  expressing togetherness forever.  The blushing and glee on their faces, when he approaches her as she gets draped in the saree...the sharp expressions and acts of quick moves makes Rajini ..our best.

Romance, Love, Happiness....what an expression!
Radhika Apte can just be the apt artist.  PA Ranjith as director has done a wonderful job in selecting his cast for the film.   Though many earlier reviewers felt that there is overdose of his friends from earlier movies of the director,  I felt he gave a fair chance to all in this movie.  Nasser did his role with ease.   The Young Rajini looks like a charming young man from Mullum Malarum..taking us back to 80's easily.   

The mannerism is unique to Rajini..The way he sits in the Le Meridian when he reaches Chennai...the way he laughs when Anbu tells him about 'Saraku'....makes him the super star we all love.    I get goosebumps when I hear the song ' Maya Nadhi'...what a beautiful song from lyrics of   One dialogue that stands out of Kumudha is when Rajini  says "Nee sethutenu neniachen". And she replies "Sethu dhan poirndhen, nee vandhu paakara varaikum" - shows how a woman in love for her husband will wait for years together for him to come back in life....truly touching....
Style Mannan !  Super Star Rajini !

One reason why the movie did not touch the fans in the first few days, is to the fact that the urban crowd probably do not know the pains of the rubber tapper or oil farm workers and their problematic lives in Malaysia.   This is reflection of an on going issue.   The deprived generations of people who migrated to the land in dreams of fortunes and ended up in unfortunate situations.   Malaysia Indians, especially Tamils have made the country their own.   However, they have their share of pain and anguish which is very well reflected in this movie.   The dialogues on Gandhi or Ambedkar shows that despite the country or the community, we still have the struggles across the globe.   The story of the crabs is not only true but thought provoking.   The growing dominance of Chinese and controlling our segments of retail and wholesale industry and this subsequently more in the underworld thus making our vulnerable youngsters easy prey to their activities is well reflected in this movie.  

The visuals of Malaysia and Thailand, Hongkong and Chennai are equally colorful and refreshing.   The background music is kind of not in pace with the movie...and could have been better.   The slowness in few shorts is of-course a minus.   One probable thing that could have been avoided is the overdose of violence.   Especially, I was taken back at the scene where "Jeeva's'' hand is packed and sent to Kabali in a box.   We are not seeing this first time in Tamil movie,  we have seen much dreadful scenes in 'Vettayadu Villayadu' and other movies...but over all our movies can stop showing such violence as it effects the viewers.       Critics have all rights to criticize.   You watch it with no preset assumptions and too much of expectations.  It is definitely worth watching.  If you are fan of Rajini or no, you will still enjoy the movie.

Kudos to the makers of this movie.   For God's sake, don't ever compare with Linga.   This is far better movie with depth of acting and entertainment.     I only wish Thaliavar Rajni is at best of health and happiness to give us few more movies and entertain us in what ever way he wishes it is right.  Stop the stereotypes and breaking the protocols and inhibitions,  we need to take a movie as a movie and enjoy, instead of making this a personal success or failure.    After all, what you pay is for a movie ticket...but what the actors and makers of the movie,  technicians and the crew gives is their precious time, efforts and love for the art.   No one will plan to give a failure..If you don't like it, please ignore, it is no body's loss.   If you like it..go watch it the theater...and no piracy!

Magizhchi !!!    
Love you Rajini!
Nerupu Da!
Good work Team Kabali!

Na Vanthutenu Solu
Thirumbi Vanthutenu,
25 Varshathuku Munadi Epdi Ponano Kabali,
Apdiye Thirumbi Vanthutenu Solu..
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